Reseller/Retailer hereby agrees to the following Terms and Conditions as given and procided for by the Distributor/Importer
1. That the Reseller/Retailer shall be given a fixed term from date of delivery to pay the Distributor/Importer for minimum purchase of products and payment shall be in the form of POST-DATED checks addressed to: PERFECT SYSTEMS GUARANTEED TRADING CORPORATION.
2. That the Reseller/Retailer shall be granted discount of the suggested retail price of the purchased products as set by the Distributor/Importer. The suggested retail price is subject to change without prior notice.
3. That the Reseller/Retailer may avail of the after sales support (i.e. product knowledge seminars, and/or promotional materials, such as t-shirts, pens and/or tarpaulins, store front events) from the Distributor/Importer.